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What a stunning style. It looks absolutely beautiful. I cant wait for it to be realised. Also from what I know it seems to have a deep message, about anti-bullying. but wow! its also created by a small and talented team which just makes it all better!

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AUTODESK MAYA 2015 | Autodesk AREA

Very tempting to download it now. But I will resist until my film is finished!

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A beauitfully rendered, funny and quirky animation by ‘Studio AKA’. Studio AKA reallt stand out to me, the team there is such a pool of talent. I find their work really inspiring. It makes me want to develop and work on a personal project.

I would love an opportunity for a behind the scenes here.

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Another bit of video reference that I filmed on my phone for a shot of my character walking up some steps! Again, thanks to Ben for being my actor

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Some video reference i filmed on my phone to help me with a shot that I was struggling with. Thanks to Ben for being my actor!

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Over the past week I have been collecting and casting eyes. It makes a change to work with something different other than the mouth, which I have enjoyed. I plan to hang this on my studio wall once set. Also, this week I am planning on putting some of my casts up in my studio space to see how they look. I think that I may get rid of the frames and instead just present them on the studio wall for my degree show. They work well and it is a lot easier for me. 

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A really inspiring video.

The animation of in this film was brilliant, this video shows of the design and the animation process of a great character.

I really like, how they thought about every part of his movement to make it really stylised.

I could learn a hell of a lot from these guys at Sony Animation